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ElyGo (Go, Tsumego)

9.99 usd

ElyGo is a complete Go game application (Igo, Baduk, Weiqi) for enthusiasts.A free version is available here :
Features :
- A database of 20,000 Pro games- More than 500 Tsumego problems with answers as well as bad variations- Play and observe games online on IGS- Import your own tsumego problems- Import your own game database- SGF Editor to review and edit games- Play against a bot (GnuGo 3.8)- Loads Kogos Joseki Dictionary- A challenge mode where you have to solve a set of problems in a limited time- Pattern search- 3 visual board themes- 3 different ways to play stones on the board- Automatically loads .sgf files opened from another apps (like a web browser)- Prevent device standby while playing or observing games (can be disabled)- Automatically zoom and rotate problems to use the maximum space on the screen (customizable)- Review your own game collection (like commented pro games) very easily- Choose your color in problems (black, white, or random) and change several other settings (almost anything is configurable)
Features to come soon :
- More pro games